About Us

About Us

Welcome to our website!

Our Company has operated in the permanent make-up and tattoo market for 12 years.

Markin Company was founded in 2005 in Russia by Alexey Markin.

In 2005, the Company started its activities with publishing Tattoo Master, the first Russian magazine dedicated to the tattoo art.

Since 2010, the Company has published Permanent Make-Up, the world’s first magazine dedicated to permanent make-up supplemented with video tutorials in Russian.

In 2011, the Company launched its Tattoo Master Supply branch (supply and production of tattoo and permanent make-up products).

Recently, in 2015, the Company started publishing Permanent Make-Up, the world’s first permanent make-up magazine in English, distributed among subscribers around the world!

During its time in the permanent make-up industry, Markin Company:
  • has published more than 250 professional articles and tutorials;
  • has recruited over 100 top artists from all over the world as contributors;
  • has provided information support to some 70 permanent make-up industry events (competitions, contests, congresses, exhibitions);
  • has involved more than 4,000 artists as subscribers in Russia and around the world;
  • has collaborated with almost all major companies in the permanent make-up industry.

Now, we are happy and proud to present our new products for permanent make-up professionals marketed under the Qolora® brand.

Qolora® is based on the experience of top permanent make-up artists from all over the world!